About Us

Hi My name is Mark and I welcome you to AQUA Washing Machines where we provide full a mobile service to Balmain. We repair all top brands including Fisher & Paykel. I have been working as a Washing Machine Repair technician ever since I came here, 29 years ago from England. I worked for Hoover service division for the first 4 years, where I gained lots of experience. After Hoover, I worked for a company called AQUA. After a short time, I took over the company, and ever since then, I have worked for my customers. I believe in providing an honest service to my customers and that means being honest to myself. You can only be in business after 25 years if you are doing things in the correct manner.

What We Offer to You

We offer a mobile repair service to most brands of washers and dryers in your home, laundry or business in Balmain NSW. We tell our customers what the price is up-front. We have provided on this page our ” Web Special ” with our rates, fees and service call charges. What you see is what you will get charged. Call us up on 0412 285 205 and get your free phone estimate now. It may be worthwhile getting your old washing machine repaired, so don’t throw it, before you talk to Mark. Fill in our online form to get an email estimate, or send your queries and comments to our blog where you will get a fast response on finding a solution to your washing machine or clothes dryer issues.

Cost of a Quote ?

We can come to your home and give you a full written quote on exactly what your machine needs done. We don’t recommend it because our free estimate service is most of the time spot on. If you do wish a quote appointment in your home, you will need to pay $66. At the end of the day most washer can be fixed for the price quoted in our section on ” Web Special “, so in fact it does not cost much more to get it repaired.

Cheap Prices No Service Call Out Fee ?

We don’t lure customers in by saying ” cheap prices or no service call fee, call now“. If a company has an internet site and you are still required to call them to get a basic price, ” what are they trying to hide”? The days of hiding your prices on the internet are gone. I would not use a company where I could not see a price struture on the repair costs.

Call AQUA today on 0412 285 205 when you want to talk to a real mechanic!